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A journalist and television host in the press department of the Mega television station, Daniel Silva previously worked at TVN, Chile’s national television network, where he hosted the program Avances: Visión futuro. His work focuses on domestic and international news in the fields of science, technology, sustainability and innovation. 



Science and society
The answers are in the data
Imagen de The answers are in the data
From the front lines of environmental conservation
Imagen de From the front lines of environmental conservation
Imagen de expositor Soledad Onetto
Soledad Onetto

Confronting the pandemic in Latin America

The rapid spread of Covid-19 has been a tremendous challenge to the scientific and medical communities, and in Latin America the response has been varied...

Imagen de expositor Benjamín Labatut
Benjamín Labatut

Monsters and miracles of science

In this conversation, Labatut will share his experiences and thoughts regarding the notion of how science can become literature...

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Leslie Vosshall

A world of aromas

Smell is the most mysterious and evocative of our five senses. Through the detection of an aroma, we may recall experiences otherwise buried in the past...