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Uruguayan virologist

Scientific activity should be transversal. It should be dedicated to thinking about renewable energy, safe drinking water, sustainability, clean cities, protected areas, climate change.”


Uruguayan virologist Gonzalo Moratorio received his undergraduate training in the science department of Universidad de la República (Uruguay), where he is presently an assistant professor of virology. He is the principal investigator of the Experimental Virus Evolution Laboratory at the Institut Pasteur in Montevideo, where he received his doctoral and master’s degrees in the Program for the Development of Basic Sciences.


In 2020 the prestigious journal Nature selected him as one of the year’s most important researchers for his contribution to fighting Covid-19 through a detection test that successfully helped to slow the spread of the virus in Uruguay. 


His work focuses on the experimental evolution of RNA viruses and on innovative approaches to developing new vaccines. He has over fifteen years’ experience working in the field of virus evolution, five of which were completed during his postdoctoral work in Marco Vignuzzi’s laboratory at Institut Pasteur in Paris. 



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