From April 12 to 18, connect with your curiosity and be part of this digital edition of the Puerto de Ideas Antofagasta 2021 Science Festival, an unmissable meeting where you can share with the most outstanding current scientists and researchers.

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Friday April 16th
The future medicine

An awareness of diet and nutrition is a matter of vital importance for an ever-growing number of people. Yet, at the same time, in recent years we have witnessed an explosion of miracle diets that promise fast and easy results...

April 16 at 15:00
Saturday April 17th
The future medicine
Confronting the pandemic in Latin America

The rapid spread of Covid-19 has been a tremendous challenge to the scientific and medical communities, and in Latin America the response has been varied...

April 17 at 16:00 pm
The future medicine
The head and the gut

Scientists have been probing into the link between the brain and intestinal microbiota for decades, but only very recently has research begun to reveal the effects of this connection on neurological disorders...

April 17 at 19:00 pm
Sunday April 18th
The future medicine
Rewriting genes

In this lecture, distinguished Italian geneticist Luigi Naldini proposes a space for talking about this incredible medical breakthrough and the ethical and scientific issues it raises...

April 18 at 10:30 am
The future medicine
Defeating metastasis

90% of cancer deaths are caused by metastasis, which occurs and is sustained when cancerous cells learn how to evade the body’s autoimmune system...

April 18 at 18:00 pm
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