From April 12 to 18, connect with your curiosity and be part of this digital edition of the Puerto de Ideas Antofagasta 2021 Science Festival, an unmissable meeting where you can share with the most outstanding current scientists and researchers.

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Saturday April 17th
In defense of neurorights

Advances in neuroscience, technology and artificial intelligence have introduced a range of possibilities for manipulating the human brain and thought...

April 17 at 10:30 am
Cracking the creativity code

The renowned popular English scientist Marcus du Sautoy will speak about creative experiences with artificial intelligence...

April 17 at 12:30 pm
How (not) to build a conscious machine

In the 1940s, it was believed that artificial intelligence would come into its own when humans could no longer distinguish between a conversation with another human and a conversation with a machine...

April 17 at 17:30
Sunday April 18th
A world of aromas

Smell is the most mysterious and evocative of our five senses. Through the detection of an aroma, we may recall experiences otherwise buried in the past...

April 18 at 16:00 pm
Sistema solar abstracto